Honlet Legum Arbitration opens its doors

Honlet Legum Arbitration opens its doors 150 150

A new international arbitration boutique has opened its doors: Honlet Legum Arbitration. The Paris-based law firm of two partners, two associates, two interns and one paralegal concentrates exclusively on international arbitration.

Founding partners Jean-Christophe Honlet and Barton Legum collectively have over a half-century of experience in resolving complex international disputes. Their work has focused on both business-to-business disputes (international commercial arbitration) and disputes between investors and States under international investment treaties. The cases they have handled span a wide range of sectors of the economy and many different applicable laws and arbitration rules.

Each was a senior partner at a global international law firm before founding Honlet Legum Arbitration. The arbitration boutique structure will allow the firm to take on appointments that its partners would have had to turn down at their prior firm because of conflicts of interest.