Our practice

Our practice is international arbitration. That is all we do. Our practice has three principal components and two principal roles.

The first component is international commercial arbitration — contractual disputes between businesses in different countries, or States and foreign businesses. We have deep experience in international commercial arbitration, ranging across many sectors and arbitration rules.

The second component is investment treaty arbitration — disputes between foreign businesses and States based on a treaty for the protection of foreign investments. We have acted for, or been appointed by, both States and investors in these cases.

The third component is arbitration-related litigation before national courts — such as applications to set aside an arbitral award, to seize and sell assets to satisfy an award or for a court to appoint an arbitrator. We have acted both for the applicant and for the respondent in such cases.

We serve in two principal roles in international commercial arbitration and investment treaty arbitration. The first is as arbitrator — whether as sole arbitrator, presiding arbitrator or an arbitrator appointed by a party. The second role is as counsel for a party in the arbitration.

Occasionally we also serve as experts in arbitrations or before courts.